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Water filters for industry

We are specialised  in the manifacture of filters and screens
for the mechanical purification of raw water and process water

4TM200_425x472TM filter model 4TM150AF, DN100.

bild-f_536x367Bågsil BG-1500.

Gravity Strainer BSW25.

We are pleased to announce that Filterteknik B.W AB have now sold the rights to
the BSW Gravity Strainer to our long time manufacturer SPA Produkter AB, Hovmantorp, Sweden.

SPA Produkter AB have manufactured Gravity Strainers and other products to us
for at least 25 years, and have great knowledge in the product.
SPA Produkter AB has set up a subsidary, SPA Filterteknik AB, which will from now on handle
Filterteknik BW´s customers that have enquiries regarding Gravity Strainers.

For sales enquires regarding BSW Gravity Strainer, contact Mr Siegfried Eis on +46 (0) 737 755 655 or email