Model TM is a backwashing filter that works under pressure. The filter is designed for purification of raw water and hot and cold process water. In the paper and pulp industry, the filter is often installed as a “police filter” after disc filters and flotation plants to guarantee the water supply to spray water systems on paper machines, etc.

A filter station consists of three to six filter containers fully assembled with the necessary valves. Filtration takes place from the outside of the screen element and in towards their centre and on out to the common discharge pipe. When the filter is backwashed, the filtered water flows back through the screen element and on out to the common drain pipe. The screen element consists of slotted tubes with conical taper.

The filter system is backwashed automatically when there is an increase in the differential pressure. One filter container at a time is backwashed while other filters are in operation. Wash water does not need to be supplied as the filter is backwashed with its own filtered water. The filter is supplied in a version with a terminal box designed for remote control (output signal 0-20 mA) or with its own  control panel.

220 V single-phase is required for the automatic control and approximately 5.5 to 6.5 bar compressed air for the valves.

Model TM is available in nine sizes.

Capacity range:
100 to 900 m3/h

Filter fineness:
Slot width from 0.1 to 0.8 mm

Connection dimensions:
DN80 to DN400

Stainless steel EN1.4301 or EN1.4404 and EN1.4436

A wash pump is not required. No moving parts. Large filter surface, low pressure drop. The screen elements are made of stainless steel, tolerate a high pressure drop and are easy to clean. Maintenance work can be performed during operation. An existing system can be supplemented with additional filter containers.

Ask for brochure no. 030515.

Delipapier  S.a.S. Frankrike. 3TM200, DN200

4TM150, DN100. Billerud Skärbacka AB Paper mill, Sweden.

Delitissue S.p.z.o.o. Polen, 3TM200, DN150
Billerud Skärblacka, 4TM300, DN250
Skoghalls bruk, 6TM200, DN300
Gruvöns bruk, 4TM200, DN200
Procter & Gamble de Mexico, 4TM300, DN250
Delicarta S.p.a., Italien, 4TM300, DN250.