The static screen is used to dewater and separate substances in process water and industrial waste water. Typical areas of application are dewatering reject water from purification plants, screening, thickening and dewatering backwater at paper mills, etc.

The static screen is available in two versions, model BG, which works by gravity, and model BP, which requires a feed pressure of 1 to 2 bar. The static screen has no moving parts and is self-cleaning. In some cases, it requires supervision.


The water to be treated in model BG spreads over from the flow box and on out over the screen surface. In model BP, the water is distributed out over the screen surface with pressure via nozzles. The separated material is gradually fed downwards onto the top of the screen surface where it is dewatered before finally falling down over the lower edge. The separated material is best collected in a container or on a conveyor belt. The screened water that runs down through the slots in the screen surface is collected in the bottom of the vessel for further transport out through the outlet that may be placed below in the rear, end or bottom of the vessel.

Model BG is available in six sizes and model BP in three sizes.

Capacity range:
3 to 300 m3/h

Slot width:
0.25 to 1.0 mm

Connection dimensions:
DN50 to DN300

Stainless steel EN1.4301 or EN1.4404 and EN1.4436.

Ask for brochure no. 200205.

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Static Screen model BG-1500. Thickening of papermill effluent water.

Static Screen model BP-1500 for Thanatarn Paper, Thailand.